Might possibly be of interest to French player members or text adventure authors.

I posted a small example standalone text only parser game test version written using TAB for Windows in French language.
Can be played offline. Win XP and above; 32/64bit.

Direct Download link: http://tab.thinbasic.com/cqvdle.zip

Note: this is mainly a verb-noun example and doesn't use or show the full potential of the TAB system.

The author has thoughtfully made it so English keyboard users can play it too using french words without the accented letter characters.

If anybody wants the database to load into TAB (text only version) to check out how it was constructed please let me know.


[Special Note: It's possible that some virus checkers may produce a "false-positive" warning. You may need to tell your antivirus program to create an 'exception' for the game app in order to allow the program to run]