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Thread: Multiplayer - Looking towards a future...

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    Multiplayer - Looking towards a future...

    I vote for a \Thinbasic\USERS subfolder!

    Within this folder create a folder for every user on this pc who ever launched thinAir or a thinBasic-script. Also a thinBasic\Users\.default- folder that contains the templates for all user-definable settings, tools, helpfiles, themes, ini-files, config-files etc. and for content that user "Bryan" will permit user "Dennis" to access (as script-templates to start a project with or on menubar and/or toolbar selectable tools from a thinbasic\Users\.everyone-directory

    For the reason that a little jerk who uses my pc sometimes will never touch any of my scripts nor that he could come up with an excuse ...

    I vote for an in compressed condition remaining thinBasic\Samples subfolder -

    not to be extracted on installation, remains in zipped condition forever, either .zip or .7z ( 7z.exe works very well in cooperation with thinbasic, provides self-extracting files and has much better compression-rate)

    for the reason of some stupid guy who sits on my pc sometimes can never ever ruin my thinbasic-samples
    before i did not study them in a way that i can recall and rewrite them from the memory in my mind

    I vote for a thinBasic\Users\<current Username>\Experiments subfolder !

    With tinAir-support through additional tab-pages where we currently see codetree and file-browser. Let the tab pages show "SAMPLES|EXAMPLES" and the shipped- zipped sample-directories - folders and files structure and on extraction of a sample mirror the path into the user-specific experiments-folder

    extract the sample-files from the shipped archive to a corresponding subdir of the current user, e.g.

    would be extracted and written with a date and time to


    the other tab-page shows script-templates or other files and between all users shared tools
    found somewhere in Users\.everyone...

    For the reason that the nosy dwarf will not be in need to configure my menu-editor nor has to
    change anything on that commandlines of all the tools that i was busy to get running 3 nights in a row without to sleep and that i will not bring me be in need to kill that gnome because he messed up everything within 2 minutes just because he was not able to wait until i was done with that link-table

    I vote for a \thinbasic\Users\<current username>\Autosave\yyyy.nn.dd -subfolder
    that even unnamed files are saved as InitialSave(yyyy.nn.dd).tBackup when thinAir loses focus or when it has focus but no input for a while. thinAir should ask when opening .tBackup-files for a name to open as ... or open it read-only if no name to open as was given. However read-only opened files should be possible to Save As ... so it can clear the read-only-state. And thinAir should never accept the Autosave-folder as target when a user wants to save something.

    for the reason that this guy that sits on my pc sometimes will not have a chance to make me angry

    And for a less distracting experience - less reading - but knowing the right buttons to push see attachement. If more specifics are needed just ask - i can toss so many of them into your direction, i bet you can't catch 'em all
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    I think there are missing some Forum-sections as beta-testing and support

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    How do you envision the implementation of the proposed \thinbasic\Users<current username>\Autosave\yyyy.nn.dd -subfolder for saving unnamed files in thinBasic, and what challenges do you anticipate in this process?

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