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    Update: "Thinbasic Adventure Builder" (aka T.A.B.) is still active and is my downloadable parser driven offline text adventure; interactive fiction creator for PC Windows XP and above platform. (32/64 bit) created with thinBasic.

    Recently a french interactive fiction enthusiast made a short demo project demonstrating that it is entirely possible to make a text adventure game in French (so maybe other languages!)

    This was possible because I added "Object Noun Prefixes" and "Character Noun Prefixes" plus the ability to customise and configure internal English "words", System Messages and dialog boxes/requesters used in the program for language translation purposes into the latest version 70. (2 Oct 2022)

    Here is his current demo video:

    He built it so it can be played on a French or English keyboard.

    In March 2023, game author Ron Edwards recreated one of his old TRS-80 basic programs using the TAB engine.
    He specifically wanted to see if he could recreate it "as is" for nostalgia purposes - so, as such, it has not been expanded upon and does not take advantage of the full range of program features and extended parser facilities that are potentially available in the TAB program.
    His game, "Xanadu", is a small text-only dungeon adventure with brief descriptions. It uses a very simple VERB NOUN format.
    For more:

    Some other standalone downloadable creations made with TAB for Windows 32/64bit:

    In January 2023 I was asked to contribute an info article about the TAB creator for the latest issue of popular Spanish adventure club fanzine: "CAAD". Here is a link to view the finished article in the magazine: (use "translate")

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    I am happy to see one of the longest running thinBASIC projects is being actively used and maintained

    Thanks a lot for sharing the article, I really enjoyed reading it.

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