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Thread: Reading All RAR files

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    Reading All RAR files


    I wanted to share with the community my way of using RAR files in C++ . RAR files offer better engryption and compression ratio than zip files.
    The solution need 3 files :
    -unrar.dll the original dll from UNRAR SDK
    -unrar.h a c++ interface for the dll (that i forked somehow)
    -Libunrar.a a static library for linking under mingw complilers (i dont like .lib linking and Visual Studio crap)

    How to use in your c++ project:
    - Plug the dll and the .h file into the same dir of your app.
    - Link with the .a library
    - Put the two functions below in your app

    Use the RGetfileEx function like this : unsigned char*Buffer=RGetfileEx("Rarfilename","extractfilename","password",size) , size must be int variable
    it searches for a specific file in the rar archive and decompresses it into the memory Buffer and returns the filesize in the variable size (4th parameter of the function)

    #include "unrar.h"
    unsigned char* BufferRAR=NULL;
    HANDLE rarFile;
    RARHeaderDataEx fileInfo;
    RAROpenArchiveDataEx archiveInfo;
    int cntp=0;
    int OldSize=0;
    int __stdcall CallbackProc(UINT msg,LONG UserData,LONG P1,LONG P2)
        case UCM_CHANGEVOLUME:
        case UCM_PROCESSDATA:
    		if (BufferRAR == NULL){
    			OldSize = 0;
    			cntp= 0;
    			BufferRAR = (unsigned char*) malloc(P2);
    			OldSize = cntp;
    			BufferRAR = (unsigned char*) realloc(BufferRAR, OldSize + P2);
    		memcpy(BufferRAR + OldSize,(unsigned char*)P1,P2);
    		return 1;
        case UCM_NEEDPASSWORD:
    unsigned char* RGetfileEx (char *fnm,char *rarnm,char *pasw,int &si){
         HANDLE rarFile;
         RARHeaderDataEx fileInf;
         RAROpenArchiveDataEx archiveInf;
         memset(&archiveInf, 0, sizeof(archiveInf));
         archiveInf.CmtBuf = NULL;
         archiveInf.OpenMode = RAR_OM_EXTRACT;
         archiveInf.ArcName = rarnm;
         rarFile = RAROpenArchiveEx(&archiveInf);
    	 RARSetPassword(rarFile, pasw);
    	 RARSetCallback(rarFile, CallbackProc,NULL);
        if (archiveInf.OpenResult != 0) {
           cout  << "unrar couldn't open" << endl;
           return NULL;
    	fileInf.CmtBuf = NULL;
    	int PFCode;
    	bool exi=FALSE;
    	while (!exi){
    		//cout << fileInfo.FileName << " (" << fileInfo.UnpSize << ")" << endl;
    		if (stricmp(fileInf.FileName,fnm)==0){
                        PFCode = RARProcessFileW(rarFile, RAR_TEST, NULL, NULL);
    		    if (PFCode != 0) cout  << "error processing this file\n" << endl;
    		PFCode=RARProcessFileW(rarFile, RAR_SKIP, NULL, NULL);
    		if (RARReadHeaderEx(rarFile, &fileInf)==ERAR_END_ARCHIVE)
    			cout << "end of archive:file not found" << endl;
    	return BufferRAR;
    Hope that some one could integrate this in thinbasic modules.
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