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Thread: What about Strings & implicit operations?

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    What about Strings & implicit operations?

    So far there are some math symbols that perform some operations as +=, *=, -=, /= and \=.
    I miss an OR-operative assignement as "|=" and by that logical "&=" with numbers would be AND.

    Confusing &= and += does the same to strings and only in one direction...

    Were this XOR "~=" with numbers
    then the same symbols i woul suggest to reverse concatenate

    A$ &= B$
    A$ = A$ & B$
    and also
    A$= A$ + B$

    there could be some more implicit assignements that allow fast string operations as:

    A$ ~= B$..........A$ = B$ & A$
    would mean to put B$ in front of A$

    A$ -= B$............ A$ = Remove$(A$, B$)
    remove all occurences of B$ from A$

    A$ /= B$ ....... A$ = LeftF$(A$, Instr(-1, A$, B$)-1 ): A$ = RightF$(A$, Lenf(A$) -( Instr(1, A$, B$) + Lenf(B$)-1))
    divide A$ into the part between first and last occurence of B$
    A$ = "C:\myPath\myFile.ext"
    B$ = ""
    A$ /= B$ results in A$ = "myPath"

    A$ \= B$..........A$ = TRIM$(A$, B$)
    integer divison has something in common with Trim$ anyway. The truncation.

    A$ *= x ............. A$ = Repeat$(x, A$)
    Obvious that x must be a number
    (thinkable also Strings valid for x as "ONE", "TWO", "FIVE", "SEVEN", "THREEHUNDREDFORTYFIVE")

    The "!=" from other languages known logical NOT is no operator by itself and the "!"-symbol seems to be occupied for power basic alike asm-implementation but not functional. Since it should be "AND NOT", "OR NOT" & "XOR NOT" maybe it makes sense to use the ! instead of "=" as "&!", "|!" & "~!" for numeric logic ops

    the strings to trim <~, >~
    A$ <- B$......A$ = LTrim$( A$, B$ )
    A$ >- B$......A$ = RTrim$(A$, B$ )

    to truncate Strings incl. B$ <!, >!

    A$ >! B$........A$ = Rightf$(A$, Lenf(A$)-(Instr(-1, A$, B$)+Lenf(B$)-1))
    truncate everything incl. the last contained occurence of B$ (keep the right part)

    A$ <! B$........A$ = Leftf$(A$, Instr(1, A$, B$) - 1)
    truncate all of A$ that starts at the first occurence of B$ (keep the left part)

    A$= "c:\mypath\myFile.ext"
    >! .... result "ext" when B$ = "." , result "myFile.ext" when B$ = "\"

    A$>!"" : A$ >!"." : Print A$ .... will print out "myFile"

    <! ..... result "C:" when B$=""

    A$-=(A$>!""): Print A$ .... will print out "C:\myPath"

    A$ >& B$ ...... A$ = UCASE$(A$ & B$)
    A$ <& B$ ...... A$ = LCASE$(A$ & B$)
    A$ >~ B$ .......A$ = UCASE$(B$ & A$)
    A$ <~ B$ ........A$ =LCASE$(B$ & A$)

    IMO .Net died from Lack of overview caused long "snakes" of code that span across the screen with many hundred chars per line so nobody was ever able to read a full row without to scroll it left and right.
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    You sure have great imagination Renč!
    Will study your suggestions, I like many of them but it depends if I will corrupt any back compatibility. | |
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