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Thread: CTRL with the "+" in the laptop

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    CTRL with the "+" in the laptop

    the question is; how to press CTRL with the "+" in the laptop so to increase the letters size

    in many editors we can increase the fonts size by pressing CTRL and "+" and to decrease we press CTRL and "-"
    this is in thinbasic editor and in notepad++ and others
    but this is when i use the Desktop computer in which there is a big "+" and "-" on the rightmost of the keyboard
    i got an old laptop hp pavilion ze000 from year 2006. i can't do the same with the laptop. i have asked someone have modern laptop and he said CTRL with "=" works to increase the fonts size. but it does not work for me.
    any ideas. Thanks

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    Do you have a mouse? Click the control/textbox then hold CTRL-Key and turn the mousewheel

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    You are Genius ReneMiner that works very well Thank you. can't wait to tell the friend about this workaround solution

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    Will restore CTRL + and CTRL - keyboard accelerators in next thinBasic release | |
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