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Thread: Windows 11 is passing by soon. Expect Windows 21

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    Windows 11 is passing by soon. Expect Windows 21

    Experience the past of tomorrow- jump into the next week now and skip a few days

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="1" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    if it works as good as that embed-code then i better buy an Atari instead of a pc next time. Na - wait A...rm? Ahh- its called Android now
    The maybe prefer the Chindows over the Google-tamagotchi - not the restrictions as we know from Windows in the meantime, believe me - google is worse when it comes to the users rights - would you buy a pc that only runs 2 movies and a typewriter-app and can measure temperature? Seams they strive to become iDroid - delete the typewriter app and you loose the warranty for that ... compu - narr- spyware device...

    Windows 10 was suppoosed to be running as the longest running OS and should have overtaken WinXP - now finally everyone has running windows 10 in such funny publications as ioT core that runs such audio-cassette-tape-sized boxes called strawberrie or something and the plug for the vga-device is heavier than this calculator that requires an external keypad - on a sony armwrist-watch manufactured in the late 1990s - runs Windows 10 32Bit. Only it has built in a micro-SD-card-reader to provide the memory since the floppy-drive was not comfy to wear with it, and that wheeled Shop-a-lot-carriage with approximately 3500 1.4MB-floppy-diskettes with the partitioned install.wim was not too heavy to be pulled by some geek who was 2 years busy changing diskettes until he gave up since the installation was repeatedly stopped when he inserted the disks in wrong order. Now at least he can leave the second tender with 2 batteries of a truck at home also since the -rechargeable - battery can power the wristwatch and the card-reader but mobility had still some restrictions: he could not use the mouse because he had to hold the magnifying glass over the device that was attached to his left wrist. Then he created a trackball built into the handle of the magnifying glass. Finally runs Windows10 to go - really to go.

    And after all that effort they come out with windows 11 that requires 64GB and his 32Bit-watch can not address it... poor guy!

    Is it really worth it to reinstall when Win11 is out? I think yes. As windows 10 never made it to run on any of my pcs for more than 5 months (thats really the best time and there were often times a new windows 10-version did not even run for one day or did never come over the EFI-hurdles to get never started since the weak bootmgrfw and only 4 programs available to adjust some settings for uefi-boot but 3 do not function (EasyBCD, VisualBCD and Pauly's BootIce were the last one is the most reliable - just never ever you must import a bcd-store) and there is BCDEdit, the commandline-tool that can ruin the within 5 minutes performed windows10-installation within less than a second and can physsically destroy a boot device in the same instant. How many days or weeks did i spend on trying to repair some bootloader?

    endless, incountable hours i stared at that circulating points on the screen seeing a short blue flicker and that was it. Windows was unable to recover - nice idea with that recovery-partition but what is it worth if it is not created together with the installation of windows and stays an empty folder or partition on the drive until the user decides to grab a chinese tool (called DISM++) - the german translation is not any better than the english one, half of the ui is unreadable but its capable if creating a working emergency-boot-system.

    I hope microsoft hired a few of these chinese programmers that taught them how it can be created.
    No car manufacturer will put his product in the showroom with an empty space where the extra wheel belongs and blame the sales agent of the branch that he did not mount an extra wheel at the empty spot before selling the car. Thats kind of HE IS A PROFESSIONAL SALES AGENT - he can sell you the butter from your sandwich twice and the second time for double the price - but he doesnt know how to use a screwdriver nor where to put an extra wheel without any demolitions and scratches.
    I guess its a burden of big companies - as there are many others involved in a product, there is always one to blame the fault on. Not nice, not mature but kind of reckless policy - a requirement to make profit whatever the cost...

    Maybe there's a joke in here. If you find it, you can keep it. I dont want it back, i am not greedy
    - but please, the first published Wineleven.ESD - i must have it to leave Win 'IX' & Win 'X' in the forgetfullness of past asap

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