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    Visual free basic

    not a typo: its both. Made by some chinese developers you can have the IDE of Visual Basic, code in Freebasic as well as Visual Basic and compile with Freebasic compiler. This is their description:

    reeBasic language integrated development environment similar to VisualBasic6. It has highly similar syntax rules to VB6, has the same powerful functions as C language, supports object-oriented, and can develop 32-bit and 64-bit software, DLL, LIB libraries. Is the best advanced language of Visual Basic6.
    Very green, very pure, does not require any runtime library, decompress to any folder, open and use, integrated IDE, compiler, help, function library, etc., all you do nít need to worry about, all you do is write code, and then click Press the compile button to generate the EXE. The generated EXE is also pure green, and does not need any support libraries and runtime libraries to run independently.
    The project folder contains a large number of example questions collected and organized by Yongfang Studio, as well as many example questions written by Yongfang himself.
    What can VisualFreeBasic5 do?
    Production of 64-bit or 32-bit application software (.exe), dynamic library (.dll), static library (.a) for WINDOWS system The software produced runs on WIN PE (micro system, U disk system), XP to WIN10 full range of operating systems, and runs perfectly
    What is FreeBASIC?
    FreeBASIC is a free / open source (GPL) BASIC compiler for Microsoft Windows, DOS and Linux.
    FreeBASIC is a self-hosted compiler that uses the GNU binutils programming tool as a backend and can generate consoles, graphics / GUI executables, dynamic and static libraries. FreeBASIC fully supports the use of the C library and has partial C library support. This allows programmers to use and create libraries in C and many other languages. It supports C-style preprocessors, capable of handling multi-line macros, conditional compilation and file inclusion.
    The origin of VisualFreeBasic5
    For more than ten years since the birth of FreeBASIC, its IDE has been in the state of a code editor, and there is no automatic processing. Except for senior programming experts, novices have no way to start, and they simply cannot know where to start. Until 2015, the FireFly software developed by American Paul Squez appeared, which greatly simplified the FB programming, so that novices can also write software with FB.
    Although FireFly has brought great progress to the FB IDE, many of them are unsatisfactory and really difficult to use. Therefore, at the end of 2016, Yongfang started to patch FireFly for more than 2 years, because there was no source code, only Use DLL combined with plug-in technology to repair. Researching FireFly has also gradually accumulated a lot of experience as an IDE.
    FireFly 3.X has been patched and changed for more than 2 years. It is very mature. It is named VisualFreeBasic 4.X, but because it has no IDE source code, it cannot be improved and added better functions. At the beginning, I wrote VFB5 with VFB4, after 5 months (with experience and imitation, and using a lot of code written for FireFly before, it was written in a short time. If nothing, because Yongfang wrote it, It is expected to be at least 1 year), a stable beta version was released, and VisualFreeBasic5 was born. Programming is endless, life is endless, and improvements are endless. VisualFreeBasic will get better and better.
    Many people will question? FireFly 3.X hasn't been updated for so many years? Yes, no update, because FireFly was developed with PowerBASIC instead of FreeBASIC. Paul Squith wanted to develop with FreeBASIC. Since 2017, he has developed software called WinFBE, and it is open source, but the development efficiency is too low. , 3 years later, this software still looks like a semi-finished product, and is only suitable for masters to play, novices can not play at all, and it seriously deviates from the original FireFly way.
    VisualFreeBasic5 main features
    Visual editing windows and controls, providing a variety of controls to use. Organize windows and controls to generate code, including event handling. Let FreeBasic support Chinese function names, Chinese variable names, and Chinese control names. Provide a complete set of code hints, auto-completion and code description tips Organize resource files automatically. Icons, images, and any files can be added to resources. Built-in help, libraries, etc. VisualFreeBasic5 workflow
    Preprocess the code of the project file to generate a temporary code file Invoke FreeBasic compiler to compile temporary code files When a compilation error occurs, the code error location in the project is automatically analyzed, and the error line jumped. In the output folder, in the temporary code file, the entire WIN SDK programming process is all here. Open this code to clearly understand the core of WIN programming. VisualFreeBasic undertakes very cumbersome core operations, allowing users to focus only on application-level development and easily program. And the core code is all source code presented, you can check for junk code, useless code, etc. at any time, so there is no need to worry about what should be implanted by the author. If you feel that the core code is not good, you can also contact Yongfang Studio at any time to improve VisualFreeBasic together.
    VisualFreeBasic5 is free forever, unlimited, no ads, no rogues, no implants, no pollution to the system, green and environmental protection, no installation, no deployment environment, decompression and use.
    VisualFreeBasic main features:
    1, green and pure, decompression and use immediately, completely free, without any restrictions. 2, similar to the development environment of Visual Basic6, the development window is simple and efficient. 3, the same syntax as Visual Basic6, but has the gene of the C language,
    The code execution is efficient and supports shorthand, etc., which is C of B syntax. 4. Support Chinese function names and Chinese variable names. 5, the code automatically prompts, completes automatically, prompts the database to modify freely. 6, code editor, one-click color change, personality color. You can also create your own colors, and each color can be modified 7, integrated function library (similar to code snippets, code managers, etc., integrated in the IDE is more convenient) 8. Supports WIN2000 to WIN10 operating systems, and the software written supports the PE system (as long as there is no API in the code that PE does not support) 9, has been highly integrated with all necessary documents, you do not need to search hard. 10, other more features, please download and experience.
    Original FireFly Website:
    Cross-platform open source compiler FreeBASIC URL:
    VisualFreeBasic Tutorial URL: version began to support the control class, you do not need to write any code yourself, just type the control name. (Same usage as VB6)


    When you download as ZIP from github then unpack to a folder - not final destination - go inside ver 5.6.6-folder, use the batch or right/click on the .001-file and let 7z do it -
    you will finally have the exe present, double-click and wait a bit - a popup will open and ask if left or right-handed - another one pops up and asks you to upgrade - bit more than 84 MB - ok - its worth it - but needs around 20 minutes . Another popup in the end to verify(?) i ve chosen "yes" - another 10 minutes. after verifiying it will ask again to verify(?) -i selected no. I am not able to understand chinese and until there it was all guessing.
    but the IDE comes in english - it will flatten you. Promised.

    The good thing about it: through Freebasic its very much already integrated and ready to use in thinBasic.
    And it comes with all the addIns as good ol' vb6 plus all the information that we are used to search on microsoft pages normally - any dot of net and any declare - complete: win32-api, msdn... all you need - completely free of charge. for lifetime. guaranteed as it says...

    just... see yourself. the majority of people on earth that speak the same language -chinese- will probably also provide the future OS on 95% of the computers on earth. Get used to it now!
    The current leading OS-manufacturer will not be able to stand against it. Plans to keep Windows 10 running as no other OS before - just to publish a new OS then that is not compatible any more with anything before Win 8.1 to increase sells and control dependecies might be the reason to get kicked off the market as any customer can have the new Chindows free, for lifetime, up and downward compatible and whats not compatible? Within a week a Plug-Chin will be available
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    running thinBasic in HP Pavillon Desktop 590 a0xxx 8GB Ram AMD A6-9225 Radeon R4 5Compute Cores 2C+3G @2.6GHz

    OS: Windows 11 Enterprise x64 Build 22065 (21H2 pre-release)
    (says the systeminfo. anything else says it were Windows 10 - more or less insider - a lot of the system settings do not function - i could imagine it will not send feedback to microsoft since it always says i need a new app to open that feedback-hub-link. But hey: thinbasic runs well )

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