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Thread: How to bit shift in ThinBasic ?

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    Private and Public are working bit different as in .net

    You will use it within type/end type to grant local or global access to the properties or methods of a type but not write it in front of everything but acting as a switch.
    Its like
    Type tExample
    'Public '(default setting / not needed here)
    X As Double
    Y As Double
    Z as Double
    Private  ' <<< all that follows until "Public" or "End Type" is from now private
    A As Long
    B As Long
    Function DoSomethingPrivate()
    End Function
    Public  ' <<< switch to end private scope
    Function DoSomethingPublic(ByRef lA As Long, ByRef lB as Long ) 
    ' here accessing Me.A or Me.B is possible
    Me.A= lB - lA
    Me.B = lB + lA
     since keyword "Me" signals a reference of tExample is accessing 
    ' its own data only while 
    lA = Me.A
    lB = Me.B
    ' were an illegal exploit since that would not obey the rules of privacy 
    ' because its not only giving direct access to the variables but also 
    ' tells theirs position in memory. Would lead to runtime error
    end function
    end type
    ' can not be private outside of type declarations

    Am not sure if completely developed yet but if your code follows the rules
    it will be compatible
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    (says the systeminfo. anything else says it were Windows 10 - more or less insider - a lot of the system settings do not function - i could imagine it will not send feedback to microsoft since it always says i need a new app to open that feedback-hub-link. But hey: thinbasic runs well )

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    @Rene Miner,
    Am not sure if completely developed yet
    I think that's the reason. Currently, "Private" is making no difference.

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    private / public are reserved keywords, but they have no effect at the moment.

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