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    this mostly about thinAir, file-extensions limiting behaviour when opening files that it could display (it's scintilla eh?! it could!)

    disable f5/f8 and the buttons if no App_Entrypoint within the current open document nor in a mentioned #include-*.* and we are fine almost.

    when i use for example ".thinBasic" for a project file that contains preparsing, uses, declarations, type definitions and global dimensioning only ".TBMain" for a file that only contains tbMain-function, ".tbCallbacks" - contains what it says - thincore does not complain when i run it from prompt.

    A file extension as ".tbScript" for a script including an app_Entrypoint (Function TBMain) runs well. but #bundle should know to keep it being a script always and never add it to a bundled exe nor delete it if bundle was succesful, i.e. refuse to bundle executable if file ends with "script". it can be copied to the data contained within the bundle to be a source of code-pieces but not be a part of the code to be executed directly.

    Only thinAir is the hindrance.

    When i right click a .rc (resource) -file in windows-explorer and select open with/edit with and choose thinAir just to exchange a value it will not open nor display it in thinAir
    in thinAir-filebrowser - even if i choose setting to show files that are not the currently opened script it's limited to display .tBasic*-files only. so the filebrowser will not trigger to show the .rc-file neither.

    But if using the file-open menu or toolbar-button to open and select display all files ("*.*") to filter the type of file, i can load for example an .rc-file, create a backup, exchange some value and save it again.
    Maybe a 3rd setting for thinAir filebrowser (bug?? not completed all settings sections? the filebrowser settings are in section "[codebrowser]". Anyway it can "Show foreign, non-thinbasic files"=TRUE within the filebrowsers listview and make use of
    FFF01 (foreignfilefilter01) to FFFFF (foreignFileFilterFF)

    remove the .tBasic*-check of the thinAirs commandline-execution to enable "Open with" from Windows-explorer that thinair will
    display any file or only those theirs Registry\HKeyClasses registered ContentType or registered PerceivedType matches "*text*"
    and #
    add a setting to "BackUpAfterLoad" right before "SaveAllOnRun" so initially when thinAir started or when i load any document it will backup a file every time when it gets loaded and the setting is "on" before making any changes to it
    running thinBasic in HP Pavillon Desktop 590 a0xxx 8GB Ram AMD A6-9225 Radeon R4 5Compute Cores 2C+3G @2.6GHz

    OS: Windows 11 Enterprise x64 Build 22065 (21H2 pre-release)
    (says the systeminfo. anything else says it were Windows 10 - more or less insider - a lot of the system settings do not function - i could imagine it will not send feedback to microsoft since it always says i need a new app to open that feedback-hub-link. But hey: thinbasic runs well )

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    Hi Rene,

    thank you for your ideas, as always. I would also appreciate the ability to open supporting formats, such as INI/XML/JSON... Nice idea with the .RC as well.

    I cannot promise quick implementation of these wishes (workload+flat renovation - will occupy my time till end of Q2 2021), but these are definitely the suggestions worth implementing.

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    Windows 10 64bit - Intel Core i5-3350P @ 3.1GHz - 16 GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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