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Thread: Some ennoying issues

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    Some ennoying issues

    Hi ThinBasic gurus,

    Recently I encountered problems with ThinBasic 1.10.7

    * The first linked to the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus (virus definition 1.239.574.0) which prevented me from bundling the script.
    * The second concerns the OS_GetCommands and OS_GetCommand (num) commands. The bundled version does not allow the presence of spaces in the names of files or directories. What is of course, authorized by the filesystem. Very embarrassing.
    * The third, opening a console (USES "Console") does not open the same type of console depending on whether you are using the interpreted version or the bundled version. See picture.

    Using version 1.11.2, although still in BETA version, fixes the first two problems, but not the third.



    The right window is obtained by executing the script in ThinAir the left one created by the SAME script after bundling.
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    Hi Dany,

    1/ the fight with Antivirus software cannot be won once and for all. For example, even my Visual Studio EXE files I compile get immediately caught by many AV solutions. Better to have AV oversensitive, than too relaxed. I think we will take some steps to make the bundling process less suspicious, but... this may reappear anytime and the solution is always to submit the EXE as false positive to AV vendor - they will perform further checks if it is really false positive and will put the signature on whitelist eventually

    2/ Should the path contain space, please encapsulate it in doublequotes (it works this way in C++ / Rust / ... as well): my.exe param1 "c:\my really cool path\file.txt". At least it works like that in version You can get it here:

    3/ I can confirm that, I think it is because of some manifest/icon Bundled EXE gets during the bundling process. Eros would know better

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