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Thread: The Virus Chronicles

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    The Virus Chronicles

    1- Nicotine could prevent smokers from catching the coronavirus
    The study suggests nicotine potentially blocks the virus from attaching to cells.

    2- France has moved to prevent the stockpiling of nicotine products after the country’s health minister expressed interest in research suggesting that the addictive stimulant could help lessen Covid 19 infection.

    3- let me contribute to the Fuzzy situation:
    my own experience: when i have flu or strong runny nose, i take a tablet or 2 of the natural product St. John's Wort. it is primarily for mild depression. but its action over flu i have discovered myself. in fact i relief quickly if i haven't used St. John's Wort for months, ie the less you take it over time the stronger its effect.
    so someone of the doctors check this against coronaVirus please.
    there is some old research here about the Antiviral Activity of the St. John's Wort :

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    Quote Originally Posted by primo View Post
    The study suggests nicotine potentially blocks the virus from attaching to cells.
    Sounds to me like tobacco influence and remembers me of Thank you for smoking

    Thanks for the share Primo.
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    been hacked?

    Something seems weird here - check that screenie
    Attached Images Attached Images
    I think there are missing some Forum-sections as beta-testing and support

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    No Rene, it's just that uses a deprecated cryptographic protocol httpS:
    In October 2018, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla jointly announced they would deprecate TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in March 2020. Source
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    one person trying to translate complex PB x32 to x64
    and then expect x64 version to be available when windows x128 versions released in 2031 A.D
    the logic of Theo
    is interesting and nice. it needs at least 4 cooperative friends to do the job in one year.
    look this 2010 thread:
    Mr Zale have "painted" powerbasic using C language as a brush, unfortunately he died 2 years later.

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    They did present 32 vs. 64-bit as a false dichotomy, as if you had to choose between one or another. With the right compiler(s), you can write code that can be compiled to 32 or 64-bit without code changes.

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