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Thread: How do you make Msgboxw text selectable ?

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    Question How do you make Msgboxw text selectable ?


    all in the title :

    How do you make Msgboxw text selectable -> Ctrl+C copy ?
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    for the first time i know that while the msgBox is on if we press ctrl-C the msgbox text is copied to the clipboard. but selectable text seems not possible, look different approaches here:
    someone have an approach of using a TextBox

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    You can create your own message box.

    Something like the following:

    USES "UI"
    begin ControlID
    end ControlID
    function MyMsgBox(byval hParent as long, byval sText as string, byval sCaption as string) as long
      DIALOG New Pixels   , Name frmMsgBox, 
                            -1, -1, 320, 240,
      CONTROL ADD Textbox , Name txtMessage  , frmMsgBox.Handle, %txt_Message   , "",  
                            5,  5, frmMsgBox.CW - 10,  frmMsgBox.CH - 100, 
      CONTROL ADD BUTTON  , Name btnOK , frmMsgBox.Handle, %btn_OK  , "OK",
                            frmMsgBox.CW/2-50, frmMsgBox.CH - 50, 100,  25, %BS_DEFAULT | %WS_TABSTOP
      txtMessage.Text = sText
      DIALOG SHOW MODAL frmMsgBox.Handle
    end Function
    CallBack Function frmMsgBox.OnLoad() As Long
      txtMessage.BackColor = Win_GetSysColor(%COLOR_BTNFACE)
    End Function
    ' Function fired when button Run me is clicked
    CallBack Function btnOK.OnClick() As Long
    End Function
    MyMsgBox(0, "Hi there" + $crlf + "from thinBAsic", "My Message Box") | |
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    Thanks both!

    @Primo, as stated in the link you provide Ctrl+C on the Msgbox is not user friendly as it catches the title and the 'OK' button texts.
    @Eros, I understand the 'own' message box.

    First, I thought that the stackO link gave me a third approach, quick & clean: the inputbox (InputBox$ in TB) but unfortunately it's not InputBoxW$. Thus, Eros, you did provide the answer I needed.

    Thanks both!
    ThinBasic ALPHA - Windows 8.1 x64

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