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Thread: Where is latest file?

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    Where is latest file?

    I have been using thinBasic as my Apps macro language engine for quite a few years. But I've never upgraded the thinBasic version as there has been no need. There still isn't a need but I'm using 1.9.6 which is quite old.

    So, I downloaded the current release, but cannot find the file used to define the thinBasic API to the compiler (PowerBasic).

    I've done a quick test using the old and the latest thincore.dll and it seems to be working.

    Is this OK, or should there be a newer ?


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    Hi gddeluca,

    look in the SDK folder of your thinBasic installation path: there is a zip file ...

    ... but it contains

    File Name :
    Version : 1.9.16.x

    that's all I know.
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    Hi DirectuX,

    Super, exactly what I was looking for. I'd totally forgotten where I originally found it.

    Looks like it is 99% the same, with a few new parsing API's added, which explains why the old version worked OK - none of the APIs that I use were changed in any way.

    Thanks a lot.


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    is 1.9.16.x still the latest? 3 years old...
    I can not find any better but i thought there was 1.11. attached to some post already - anyone remembers?
    (oxygen samples contains
    (Petr's module classes example contains
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    (says the systeminfo. anything else says it were Windows 10 - more or less insider - a lot of the system settings do not function - i could imagine it will not send feedback to microsoft since it always says i need a new app to open that feedback-hub-link. But hey: thinbasic runs well )

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