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Thread: ListBox control multi selection

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    Question ListBox control multi selection


    a listbox can have multi selection,
    the gettext command only return the first selected line. How do you get the whole list of the selected items ?
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    Hi DirectuX,

    it is solution mostly by Win32API, but seems to work:
    function GetSelectedListboxItems(hDlg as dword, hCtl as long, byref out_result() as string) as long
      long selectionCount
      long hList
      control handle hDlg, hCtl to hList
      selectionCount = SendMessage(hList, %LB_GETSELCOUNT, 0, 0)
      if selectionCount > 0 then
        long itemIndexes(selectionCount)
        SendMessage(hList, %LB_GETSELITEMS, selectionCount, varptr(itemIndexes(1)))
        ' Fit the output array to selection count
        redim out_result(selectionCount)
        ' Limited to 512 characters, feel free to adjust
        dim singleTextItem as asciiz * 512 
        ' Extract all items from ListBox
        for i as long = 1 to selectionCount
          SendMessage(hList, %LB_GETTEXT, itemIndexes(i), varptr(singleTextItem))
          out_result(i) = singleTextItem
        return selectionCount
      end if
    end function
    You can use it like:
    string items()
    long selectedCount = GetSelectedListboxItems(hDlg, %myListBox, items)
    if selectedCount then msgbox hDlg, join$(items, ",")

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    I didn't get used to sendmessage, now I better understand its meaning.
    Before your sample, I thought there must have been a single command rather than a succession.

    That was instructive to me, thanks Petr !
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