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    Question TBGL_2D_Sprites


    In my thinBasic installation, all of the samples of thinBasic\SampleScripts\TBGL\Sprites folder display nothing. All I can get is the colour background.

    Is it the same for you ?
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    Hi DirectuX
    you are right, the files in the sprites folder does not work properly it is only display a colour background. this is in TB v1.11.1
    the same sprite files in the v1.11.1\sptites run okay in other TB versions, i have checked TB v1.10.4, i use this version because i need the old asci IDE.
    but beware the new 1.11.1 can damage files it adds hidden characters, so always have a copy of the files you open. the old strategy is better since it is dealing only with usual text files named from .txt to .tbasic

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    Thanks Primo !
    ThinBasic ALPHA - Windows 8.1 x64

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    I can confirm - and will need to investigate this - it could be easily related to some change in TBGL as well.

    Thanks for reporting it!

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