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Thread: Numeric variables

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    Question Numeric variables

    Uses "console"
    dim e as currency = -9 ' currency range from -9.22x10^14 To +9.22x10^14
    dim f as double = -9   ' double range from 4.19x10^-307 To 1.79x10^308
    printl e 'prints -9
    printl f 'prints -9 too : Out of range defined in thinBasic Help Manual
    Why Double numeric type is signed ? For me, the table on the help page is confusing. Is it just an error for Double? If yes, are there other error ?
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    Hi Sebastian,

    this is a mistake in the docs, the real range for DOUBLE and Float64 is -1.7E+308 to +1.7E+308.

    I will report this to Eros, thanks for the catch!

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