Hi ,
I would ask how you would deal with OOP/UDT programming and arrays not pre-dimensioned (numbers of values are not known in advance and I would like to avoid declaring an oversized array) .

How would you program a basic SET / GET ?

here's my attempt: it is not functional
uses "console"

Type points
  x as currency
  y as currency
end type

type myfunction
  myarray() as points
  function setF(array1() as points)
    printl "inside myfunction.setF"
    redim me.myarray(ubound(array1)) 
    printl "ubound array1 = ", ubound(array1)
    printl "ubound me.myarray= ", ubound(me.myarray)
    string binary = peek$(varptr(array1(1)), CountOf(array1(1))*SizeOf(array1(1)))
    poke$(varptr(me.myarray(1)), binary)

    printl me.myarray(8).x, me.myarray(8).y
    printl ""
  end function
  'function getF() as points
  '  return me.myarray
  'end function
  Function getPointsNum() as integer
    return ubound(me.myarray)
  end function

end type

dim list1() as points
Dim list2() as points
dim test as myfunction


Redim list1(12)

Printl "Setting values"
printl list1(8).x, list1(8).y
printl ""


Printl "Getting values"
Redim list2(test.getPointsNum)
'list2= test.getF

'Printl list2(8).x, list2(8).y