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Thread: i18n help page

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    i18n help page


    here : help/html/ci18n.htm , this example might be more coherent with the upper xml example :

    How to get values from parsed XML file
    Once file is loaded and parsed, all data inside XML file is stored into an hash table with key/data pairs.
    The key under which data is stored is composed by a concatenation of nodes and sibling nodes separated by \
    if MyI18N.ErrorPresent Then
      '---Some error occurred
      printl "Error code", MyI18N.ErrorCode
      printl "Error description", MyI18N.ErrorDescription
      '---No errors, we can go on
      printl MyI18N.GetKey("thinAir")
      printl MyI18N.GetKey("en-GB\HiThere")
      printl MyI18N.GetKey("it-IT\Good_Morning")
      printl MyI18N.GetKey("fr-FR\What_Is_Your_Name")
      printl StrFormat$(MyI18N.GetKey("en-GB\My_Name_Is"),"thinBasic")
      printl MyI18N.GetKey("thinBasic\en-GB")
    end if
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    Thanks, will be present in next release | |
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    I18N module

    Here :

    How to use this module
    Inside your script, before calling any module specific keyword, add the following:
    USES "I18N"
    This directive will load the module and add new keywords and classes described in this section.


    When loaded, I18N module will automatically create a I18N variable of cI18N class allowing programmer to load XML files.
    So to use this module, just use the automatic variable I18N.
    I18N module will automatically create a I18N variable of cI18N class
    This seems not true: if you remove the Dim instruction in the I18N sample, you'll get an Unknown Keyword error.
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    on these help pages,
    the syntax line and page title are not the good ones. (Sort of Copy/Paste oversight)
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    Thanks for reporting these issues, Sebastian!

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