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Thread: VR, virtual reality, AR

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    VR, virtual reality, AR


    strange, but I wrote this post days ago, and I didnt see it in the forum, so I am writing again.

    what about a VR or AR extension for thinbasic?

    c for vr is faster than javascript. in javascripts there are polyfills for vr, and ar.

    has someone made tests usig VR with thinbasic?

    thank you

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    Hi Alberto,

    there is currently no AR or VR support for thinBasic.

    You can produce stereoscopic image for viewing with red-blue glasses, you can render separate frames for each eye, but there is no integration with Oculus, as I do not have the hardware at home to test.

    I would suggest you to look into Unreal Engine, they do a fabulous job on it:

    Many people fear Unreal because of C++, but you can do just fine with visual coding there

    ThinBASIC is not profiled for cutting edge graphics. It is handy tool for data visualization or game concept, but it does not intend to compete with dedicated game engines.

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    thank you for the link.

    I was thinking in using AR or VR or on mobile, with thinbasic.

    happy new year

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    Have you explored using Unreal Engine for VR, as suggested by Petr Schreiber, or do you have other platforms in mind for AR or VR development with thinBasic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberto View Post
    thank you for the link.

    I was thinking in using AR or VR or on mobile, with thinbasic.

    happy new year
    Certainly! Explore the immersive possibilities of AR or VR on mobile using ThinBASIC for a captivating user experience.

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