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Thread: thinAir Themes

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    I've discovered the new settings that were enabled when was introduced and i made use of it:

    Also a bit dark, the theme reminds of icing on rivers in the winter.
    Smokey, dark green gray makes if appear foggy and cold as if the
    warm waters of a river will do when it's very cold outside. But
    there are a few spots that bring warm orangered and shine as
    if you could warm up your frozen hands above a fire.
    Together with a mixture of some Super-clear-type-fonts
    (even a good known that everyone has already installed)
    make it a pleasure to read the own code and it will reveal
    instantly not matching keywords and errors since your mind
    can think concentrated to the maximum possible when nothing
    in front of you disturbs the view onto your current piece of
    code and it will become one of the best pieces of code
    that you ever wrote. Promise!

    Use the theme-pack-setup and start it right next to the package it will take care of putting everythin in place.
    If you like and want to keep it eitther right click the fonts and let windows install them one by one or drag them altogether from thinAir\themes\fonts into lWindows\Fonts.

    I guess you will
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    I think there are missing some Forum-sections as beta-testing and support

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    How do you choose or create thinAir themes to enhance your coding experience, and do you have any specific preferences or tips to share?

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