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Thread: New to COM / thinbasic

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    John sorry and please forgive me but I have little time and I do not follow other's projects.
    I have so many ideas in my mind about thinBasic and so little time to dedicate to it so I cannot waste it.

    I usually develop what people ask here in forum or what I need in using thinBasic every time at work.
    At work I'm having so many satisfactions in developing in few hours, sometimes minutes, what to others take days.
    And I'm not a programmer at work but "just" an IT manager
    So I will continue on this path.

    Regarding COM I'm more interested in automation other than ActiveX graphic components.
    With iDispatch variable recently added to thinBasic, I think COM automation in thinBasic starts to have a clear and easy dotted notation syntax
    What I'm working on is handling events from instantiated COM objects.

    Then I will try to be able to interact with the .Net galaxy.

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    That's a shame. The VB6 OCX DLL Forms controlled by automation is a no brainier and a great way to get a professional looking UI going in a hurry.

    You may want to take a second look when you get more time.
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