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Thread: DT_DateTimeSubSeconds breaking in late December

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    DT_DateTimeSubSeconds breaking in late December

    Here's a fun one:

    Watch what happens to the result when the day goes from December 29th to December 30th.

    I also tried adding -1 second with a different result.

    Dim date, time As String
    '---Load Console and DT Modules
    Uses "Console"
    Uses "dt"

    '--- These are the strings
    PrintL DT_DateTimeSubSeconds(date,time,1) '--- subtract a second

    '--- Advance the date
    PrintL DT_DateTimeSubSeconds(date,time,1) '--- whoopsie!
    PrintL DT_DateTimeAddSeconds(date,time,-1) '--- add (-1) second -- oof!


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    Oh noes,

    thanks for reporting this, this is a bug indeed!

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    I was confounded by the differing results between the DT_DateTimeAddSeconds and DT_DateTimeSubSeconds functions. I assumed they would give identical results (right or wrong) as they do when the bug isn't in play.

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