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Thread: Rendering Game tokens like in Card Dungeon?

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    very nice idea and nice graphics, thanks, i suggest also the possibility to scale the m15 model so it is very thin, such as adding:
    TBGL_Scale 0.01, 1, 1
    tbgl_m15DrawModel 1
    in example TBGL_AnimatedCubes.tbasic inside the thinbasic folder
    so it appears as flat and very funny. this is if there is no 2D shapes available.
    but i guess there should be some care in texturing else it may flicker.
    at the beginning of that Cubes.m15 model in the TBGL_AnimatedCubes example there is:
    so can we texture it with TEXLIST,kp4_LedKonzistentni.png . or this feature not available yet.
    thanks Petr for all your efforts.

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    Hi Primo,

    I will make SmartTexture.tbasicu part of m15 solution, but before that I need to solve a few more important problems in the solution.
    But yes, it should make it possible to use BMP/TGA/JPG/PNG for textures

    Mike! Thanks! Very nice monsterito The unit is called smartTexture.tbasicu, and you can download it from here:
    (as described in dedicated forum post:
    Image on second side should not be a problem at all, if you won't crack it in the meantime, I will check once I have a free evening.
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    Thanks Petr,

    its a cyclops from a game I am working on. Btw. I got the backside rendering the image too. Like you said, very easy... once you know how :-) Thanks for the initial code and smart texture module.

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