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Thread: the birth of Basic

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    the birth of Basic

    an interesting video on the birth of BASIC (38 minutes)

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    the birth of Basic


    Thank you very much for this. Basic was started in 1964, the year I went into the U.S. Air Force for 23 year. But, my 23 years is nothing compared to the impact of Basic during that time, and it is kept going strong, here.


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    BASIC is the result of making a complex task into its simplest form.
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    i have a paper book called Turbo Basic Programs for scientists & engineers _ by Alan R. Miller :276 pages from 1987
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    i think turbo basic is the grandmother of thinbasic
    if we look to the books in 80_90 we can find scientific , engineering books using basic language. i have many such paper books in all sorts of science and it is all have basic language listings, most likely these books is what boost the scientific revolution we know now
    PS: i just wish the programs listing in the above book have an electronic form. the only hope to get it is to scan the book then to do OCR and may be we can copy the listing.
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    WOW that is amazing !

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