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Thread: Oxygen like module but with the same thinbasic functions syntax

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    Oxygen like module but with the same thinbasic functions syntax

    just wondering if it is possible this thinbasic scenario:

    dim v(1000000) as double
    #call superMOde
    'same thinbasic functions syntax
    for i=1 to 1000000
    v(i)= 0.4+sin(i)*....etc
    #End superMode
    now provide v(..) array for tbgl or opengl for display
    end function

    i mean by the superMode is a super.DLL tiny compiler made using powerbasic compiler and contains only part of the thinbasic normal functions , basically the math and iterations functions.
    i say that because i see oxygen compiler can be called from thinbasic, so what prevents if the tiny compiler are made from powerbasic and its functions names and method are the same as normal thinbasic, i say that because in this way we stay in the same environment of thinbasic, we just add #begin superMode before clark wear his nice clothes as a superman to help luis and after doing his job we write #End superMode and then superman returns and wear again the clark clothes.
    i am sure powerbasic can be used to the end of time even its dev stopped, since all programming languages are made from 0,1 and 0,1 will never be deprecated. it is only the existence of people like Lex Luthor who don't contribute to anything but their only job is just like worms making holes in a wonderful texture

    Edit:this suggested Hyprid thinbasic (interpreter + compiler) could be commercial while the usual thinbasic could stay as freeware, i think the Hyprid thinbasic will appeal to many users, since thinbasic contains much more than the compiler it is made from (tricks and many golden eggs etc). i don't know the legal issues of the question: can we make compiler from another commercial complier ? this needs a law expert advice.
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