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Thread: Help_File, Dictionary-Equates documented wrongly

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    Help documents
    ThinBASIC-Modules> Dictionary> Dictionary-Equates
    and also
    ThinBASIC-Modules> Dictionary> cDictionary-Class> Dictionary-Equates



    probably should be



    also to dictionary-module,
    Current Remark is wrong, it says:

    "To retrieve length of stored data use StrPtrLen function passing pointer returned by Dictionary_Exists"

    This is wrong because the function returns the position where to read out the StrPtr, but it's not the StrPtr itself!
    Using this the way it's described in help leads to crash.
    It should say:

    To retrieve length of stored data use StrPtrLen function passing a DWord At pointer returned by Dictionary_Exists.

    It's the programmers responsibility to make sure by Dictionary_Exists returned pointer is valid before accessing memory. (not zero)

    Dim pData As DWord At Dictionary_Exists(pDictionary, KeyName)
    If GetAt(pData) <> 0 Then
      SizeOfData = StrPtrLen(pData)
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