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Thread: Not exactly a productivity tool, but...

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    Not exactly a productivity tool, but...

    ... did you ever wondered, how productive you would be in writing anything, if every touch to the keyboard would cause different sound?


    Well, that indicates you are... sane But just in case, try this script:
    Uses "WinMM", "UI"
    Begin Const
      %MIDI_ChangeInstrument = 192
      %MIDI_NoteOn           = 144
      %MIDI_NoteOff          = 128
    End Const
    Function TBMain() 
      Long   hmidiOut
      Long   instrument, duration, note, i
      Single velocity
      velocity = 50
      note     = 50
      duration = 4 
      Long Device = 0
      Long tNow, tLast
      MidiOut_Close hmidiOut
      If MidiOut_Open hmidiOut, 0, Device, 0, 0 <> 0 Then
        MsgBox 0, "Unable to open MidiOut port!" 
        Exit Function
      End If
      tLast = GetTickCount
        tNow = GetTickCount
        For i = 1 To 255                                                                              
          If GetAsyncKeyState(i) Then           
            velocity = Rnd(0,127)
            note = Rnd(0,127) 
            instrument = Rnd(0,127)        
            MidiOut_ShortMsg hmidiOut, Rgb(%MIDI_ChangeInstrument, instrument, 127)
            MidiOut_ShortMsg hmidiOut, Rgb(%MIDI_NoteOn, 12 + note, velocity)   
            Sleep duration
            MidiOut_ShortMsg hmidiOut, Rgb(%MIDI_NoteOff, 12 + note, 127)            
            tLast = GetTickCount
          End If
        If GetAsyncKeyState(%VK_ESCAPE) Then
          Exit Do
        End If  
      MidiOut_Close hmidiout
    End Function
    Once the headache comes, simply press ESC anytime, and the keyboard will stop doing those... noises.

    Have a nice weekend!,

    P.S. Tip: Do not run this script from thinAir, but launch it by clicking. This will allow smooth thinAir "experience"
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    It sure is a neat program. Plus, what I've noticed
    that's different from others that even come close is
    that the sound is different each time you press the
    same key.

    Great little program.


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