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Thread: Concerning Graphics . . . . .

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    Talking Concerning Graphics . . . . .

    I was wondering, can I use all types of graphics in ThinBasic programming? Should they be in a certain format in order to work properly?
    Just asking though?

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    What kind of graphics are you talking about? "Graphics" is a wide expression...

    Image formats (2D)? Mesh-formats (3D)?

    *.bmp-format will work with UI-controls and TBGL in any case I think.

    for 2D-images or textures there's also FreeImage-library which does almost any 2D-format,

    TBGL can load *.bmp and uncompressed *.tga and with a little effort also *.png (min OS WinXP SP2 required for *.png) for textures

    for 3D there's only *.M15-format native supported, but there are ways to read data from common formats as *.obj and others.
    I think there are missing some Forum-sections as beta-testing and support

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