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Thread: Test Driven Development & Unit Testing for thinBASIC

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    Thanks, Rob

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    Petr (and all),
    This all gave me an idea , it makes use of the dynamic character of JIT compiling.

    In this example, we want to find (just a very simple example) the Golden Ratio value -- but we forgot how to calculate the roots of a parabola.
    We let TB sample the thing ( we know (cheating a little) that a DIN A4 etc.. using this ratio , so we only start looking between 0 and 3. (we know it is around 3/2)
    TB samples till you agree with accurancy (epsilon) , or TB finds no deeper solution -- in both cases you answer with something else than "y".
    TB sets up a DLL now with a function GoldenRatio(x) ...

    That's it -- simple as can be.
    (needs RTL32.INC)

    best Rob
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