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    Hello Charles,
    I lost my FreeBASIC SDK stuff.
    Do you have an uptodate FB thinCore SDK.
    I mean the version with the EXT datatype we wrote in the past.

    Thank you for your support.

    (Sorry about my bad English.)

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    Hi Joshy,

    These files go back to 2010.

    For Oxygen-thinCore interfacing, (Oxygen is still written in FB), I used late binding (Dylibload), which completely avoids using def files and lib files.

    Anyway I hope you find these files still useable.

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    Thank you Charles
    i was wondering why the EXT type isn't a part of FreeBASIC SDK include file

    There was only one inline assembler error "mov eax,ebp-20" in function float_to_ascii().
    after label PowerAdjust:
    mov eax,tempdw must be mov eax,[tempdw]

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    (Sorry about my bad English.)

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