Sometimes it is useful to have list of files satisfying multiple masks, I did a routine to pack it together in one array:

' Requires   : FILE module
' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Description: Function to list files of given type, with option of specifying multiple masks
' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Parameters :
' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
' sAllFiles  : Array which will be filled with files
' sDirectory : Directory, where the search is performed
' sMasks     : Mask of the file(s). For multiple files, separate using |, for example "*.jpg|*.png"
' nFlags     : Flags, such as %FILE_NORMAL - the same as for classic DIR_ListArray
Function Dir_ListArrayMulti(ByRef sAllFiles() As String, sDirectory As String, sMasks As String, nFlags As Long) As Long

  ' -- Extract masks
  String singleMask()
  Long   maskCount = Parse(sMasks, singleMask, "|")   
  Long   maskID, arrayID, fileID, minIndex, totalCount  
  ' -- Temporary arrays to hold values of single mask
  String sFiles()
  Long   nFiles
  ' -- Going for each mask
  For maskID = 1 To maskCount
    nFiles = DIR_ListArray(sFiles, sDirectory, singleMask(maskID), nFlags)
    ' -- Processing files for single mask
    If nFiles Then                                                    
      ' -- Keeping the total count
      totalCount = minIndex + nFiles     
      ' -- Making enough space for it
      ReDim Preserve sAllFiles(totalCount)
      ' -- Appending it to the list of all files
      fileID = 1
      For arrayID = minIndex+1 To totalCount
        sAllFiles(arrayID) = sFiles(fileID)
        fileID += 1
      ' -- Updating last index in the list of all files
      minIndex = totalCount 
    End If
  ' -- Returning the number of all files, the array is passed out byref
  Return totalCount

End Function
Sample usage:
String sFiles() 
' -- This will fill the array with images from both Canon and Nikon cameras, notice the mask separation using |
Long   nFiles = Dir_ListArrayMulti(sFiles, APP_SourcePath, "IMG_*.JPG|DSC_*.JPG", %FILE_NORMAL)