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Thread: Embedded - supported or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReneMiner View Post

    Probably merits a thread of its own.
    Probably not. Even we obtained our decimal system and the digits from arab roots and they have great mathematicians - the Ring lacks impermeableness, not really codetight and it feels a bit strange to use a verb as "see" as command to print.
    If "show" were used instead it would make sense. The arab phrase for "Look at that!" might be the same as "Let me show you this..." or "Do you see it?"
    Especially i see - when i watch my taskmanager -
    multithreading out of control -
    before actually a second thread is invoked 3 or 4 threads already yall'a-yall'a and nothing that could pull the brakes

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    Thank you ReneMiner for referring to Ring language. i am still testing it.
    we can use the classic "print" by loading first "stdlib.ring" this is like uses "console"

    load "stdlib.ring"
    print("hello worlds")
    or we can use "?" without loading stdlib.ring
    regrading the keywords : see,give,ok and so on we can use the function ChangeRingKeyword
    such as
    ChangeRingKeyword see throw
    will use throw for output
    ChangeRingKeyword ok EndOfConditional
    will use EndOfConditional for end of condition
    some international users are using their own Unicode words instead of the original names

    the following example from
    ChangeRingKeyword see throw
    ChangeRingKeyword ok EndOfConditional
    for x = 1 to 10
            for y = 1 to 10
                    throw "x=" + x + " y=" + y + nl
                    if x = 3 and y = 5
                            exit 2     # exit from 2 loops
    but its first index is 1 (like thinbasic arrays)
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