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Thread: Asteroids in Russia!

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    Asteroids in Russia!

    Hi guys,

    I just saw incredible videos from Russia, showing falling meteors, which made a mess "thanks" to shock wave of the explosion, which occured when they broke to pieces in our atmoshpere.

    You can see the videos in this article:

    It is in Czech, but when you scroll down, you will see the videos.
    It basically says that Russia was hit by meteor shower in places around Ural. The videos are worth thousand words...

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    It's alarming, unsetting, disconcerting.
    We know that the actual large asteroid will pass the earth this afternoon or in the evening and the pieces which hit russia were just small fractional pieces of the "real one". So when the prefigurement hit very east of us and the earth turns around there might be a chance that other small pieces which follow the asteroid might ground in europe tonight.


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    Well this is how it's being reported in one of the papers in the UK.

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