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Thread: Apollo Guidance Computer

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    Apollo Guidance Computer

    Moon Machines: Apollo Guidance Computer NASA

    First digital computer in space.




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    Like watching tar flow through an hourglass..

    As I've said before, I'm probably the only one here who has a 56kb connection.

    However, I have never had a delay trying to view material on another website, anywhere near the ones I have had for this website.

    Trying to view this thread, I was unable to view even the first word of the first (and only) post, for over an hour.

    I tried stopping the data transfer, and reloading the page - no improvement.

    During that time, I watched a DVD, and would check back to see if the situation had changed.

    And, during the entire time, at the bottom of the screen it read, "Transferring data from".

    Of course, obviously, for any website, by far, the most important thing is for it to make all of its connections and data transfers from Google and Facebook, before one bit of the purported content is displayed, correct?

    Who here doesn't believe that corporate domination is the golden road to the perfection of global society?

    Like the adults lining the street as the king paraded by, most likely there is not one who will voice anything other than words of adulation, for his beautiful new wardrobe. (It is the smart person who stays on the good side of power, and, he should not be confused with the cowardly herd animal, right?)
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