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Thread: Julian Assange, Wikileaks

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    Julian Assange, Wikileaks

    Julian Assange can be arrested in Ecuador embassy, UK warns
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Pegge View Post
    I suspect that this will have the unintended consequence that the UK will be considered to have given permission to other countries to invade UK embassies when the UK does something in them (like sheltering a chinese dissident) that the host country does not like.Lance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Pegge View Post

    I see Ecuador has decided to grant julian Assange asylum.


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    Never seen such an excalation just for ... Sex
    at the end he has been accused for that, isn't it? And not for the secret documents he has revealed. | |
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    It's causing a sensation here. Top of the news headlines - long discussion - legal experts wheeled in. Foreign Secretary says he will not be granted safe passage out of the UK.
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    Everyone must obey the rules - until the bully doesn't like what is happening, correct?

    I agree with Lance, the UK had better think carefully about invading the embassy, --> unintended consequences.

    In my opinion, for both the US and UK, all of this has nothing whatsoever to do with sex.

    Again we see that things are only what they appear to be, until those in power feel threatened, then, "the gloves come off".

    I wonder if the same thing will ultimately happen to the citizens of both countries - when the governments feel threatened, the citizens learn that the rights they assumed they had, were illusory.

    The UK's threats remind me of when Israel kidnapped Eichmann from Argentina - welcome to the club, Britain.

    My understanding is that, legally, the Ecuadoran embassy is part of Ecuador.

    Did you think England would sink low enough as not to permit Assange safe passage from the embassy to the airport?

    Can you imagine if this turns into a stalemate, and 20 years from now, Assange is still inside the embassy building?

    And, who knows?, all of the UK's blustering may be a direct result of orders from the US.

    And, again, in my opinion, the US will never let Gary McKinnon be - administrations come and go, but the same bureaucrats remain.

    And, finally, if the UK was going to to kidnap Assange, then, instead of announcing it, why didn't it just do it?

    I can only think that the UK wants to test, "which way the wind is blowing" - in other words, it has launched a, "trial balloon".

    A person with the courage of his convictions, acts, he doesn't talk about what he is going to do and wait for the reaction, yes or no?

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    Julian Assange statement at Ecuadorean embassy - live

    Breaking News

    Wearing a crisp blue shirt and a red tie, Julian Assange has appeared on the balcony.
    "I am here today because I cannot be there with you today," he says in a speech which is directed as much to the assembled crowds of supporters below as anyone else.
    "But thank you for your resolve, for your generosity of spirit."
    "On Wednesday night after a threat was made on this embassy and police descended on this embassy, you came out to watch over it."
    Assange said that he could hear police "storming" up through the internal fire escapes of the embassy
    He adds: "If the UK did not throw away the terms of the Vienna convention it was because the world was watching and the world was watching because you were watching."

    Assange thanks Ecuador, its president and names various other Latin American states that have backed it in recent days.
    He also addresses the US people and its government, saying to President Obama that the United States must stop its "witchhunt" against wikileaks.
    "There must be no more foolish talk about prosecuting any media organisation, be it Wikileaks or the New York Times."
    "The US war on whistleblowers must end"
    Assange calls for the release of Bradley Manning, the alleged WikiLeaks source, describing him as one of the world's foremost political prisoners.
    He goes on to refer to the jailing in Russia of members the feminist punk band, Pussy Riot.
    "There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response," adds Assange

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    Umm.. This is not Julian Assange
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    Speech on Video

    Julian Assange appears on Ecuadorian embassy balcony

    Notice the sound of Helicopters overhead.

    Newspaper Reports:
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