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Thread: 3Impact 3D Engine

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    3Impact 3D Engine

    i have found a free 3D engine (was commercial)
    it is small and the examples provided with the engine can be compiled with vc++6 and dev-c++, blitzmax. it is bad that in the 3Impact forum you can see always more than 10 guests an no one are posting to the forum from several months. even in the forum you can see someone asked how to use the engine with thinbasic:

    to see how to use the engine with different prog languages go to

    i have tried one example a jumping ball using dev-c++, it is just to load the project *.dev and then press F9, thats all. the project make a dll which are called by 3impactd.exe. there are ways also to create dll to be called by other programs. i am still reading. the quickstart guide provides detailed instructions for different platforms
    here is the ball game picture, pressing ctrl to jump, arrows keys to move the ball, gravity physics are applied

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    3d collision physics has been on my list of interests for some time now.

    The redidistribution of momentum between two elastic objects colliding head-on is a good starting point. Then it gets more interesting where there are events like partial collisions and multiple objects colliding at the same time in a pile-up.

    In some of my earlier experiments, the objects got faster and faster, and went nuclear about 10 minutes in. I thought I had discovered free energy


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    I remember Charles the sphere physics thread in 2008 in which the example "SpherePhysics" display colliding balls between each other and the wall. but it was extremely slow, the example "Collisions2" in "thinBasic\SampleScripts\Oxygen\Physics" are much speedier, but it is using assembly to code the critical parts.
    i think those examples can be used as a base for a billiard game if we added a sound effect and a horizontal table with a hole, may be also if we make the balls from textured m15 models would be more realistic.
    the above 3Impact collisions needs in addition of a model such as a car another model resembles the car but made from balls, the same for displaying the shadow we need another model. i can't now criticise this approach may be it is positive or negative, and may be it is applied by all engines but they infer the info from the original model.
    also he needs the model to be completely closed hull as told here
    the compiled dev-c++ ball example runs okay in windows xp, and even i have uploaded it to post it here but when tried it in windows 7 it does not run even in the xp compatibility mode . some people said that dev-c++ does not run on windows 7. i will try code block. it has a small size and it is updated frequently.

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