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Thread: Basic developer of the year

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    It is hard to pick one person in these types of things. But I guess you need to look for that specific year and what has been brought forward new and in doing that I voted for Charles Pegge and Oxygen Basic. Eros definitly would have gotten my vote in prior years when thinBasic development was at hyperspeed. But all that speed lead to a developed stable release and hence a logical slow down and hence my vote.

    I wish we could get some of the top Basic developers to pull together to unite their efforts into bringing a cross platform, procedural optional OOP compiled BASIC with massive libraries(modules) that have a unified look and feel.
    Too much talent and man hours are in my mind being wasted with a lot of good dialects but none really being the one end all killer langauge.

    C++ each year seems like it is more and more fractured and suffers from library overdose all with their own prerequisite requirements and styles.

    Java is fine, but running on a virtual machine and not being compiled to each architecture seems to be the big flaw in my book. If you can write a VM for each platform, why not a compiler for each platform?

    A lot of the popularity of python and ruby I think is the fact that they have clean syntax more like BASIC than the c style and that they have nice libraries for almost anything. Their big lacking is speed and being compiled.

    So the programming world is missing the perfect language still in my book. We need a BASIC that has massive libraries for almost anything all in a nice BASIC unified looking syntax compilable to many platforms.

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