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Thread: Possible use of Tokenizer module for emitting calculator instructions

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    Cool Possible use of Tokenizer module for emitting calculator instructions

    I recently got into situation I wanted to write some code on my calculator, the problem is it does not support FOR/NEXT, only labels and jumps (it is very low level).
    As the problem required 3 nested loops, this gets quite ugly to maintain.

    The solution to this problem was to use power of ThinBASIC Tokenizer module, and automate the generation of FOR/NEXT equivalent code.
    So as the input goes this:
    FOR I = 1 TO 5
      FOR J = 1 TO 10
        FOR K = 1 TO 15
        NEXT K
      NEXT J
    NEXT I
    And the produced output is the following calculator program template (LBL = label, GTO = jump to label, STO = store value from stack to variable, RCL = get value from variable to stack, X<=Y? = compare stack values for X and Y register, and if the condition is valid perform next line, otherwise skip next line):
    LBL 00
    STO I
    LBL 01
      RCL I
      GTO 02
      <Place FOR/NEXT body code here>
      LBL 03
      STO J
      LBL 04
        RCL J
        GTO 05
        <Place FOR/NEXT body code here>
        LBL 06
        STO K
        LBL 07
          RCL K
          GTO 08
          <Place FOR/NEXT body code here>
          STO+ K
        GTO 07
        LBL 08
        STO+ J
      GTO 04
      LBL 05
      STO+ I
    GTO 01
    LBL 02
    I realize this program is not of particular use for people without legacy HP calculator, but the point is that the Tokenizer module is very well suited for such a conversions. I would probably go crazy inventing that calculator code from the scratch, with script help it is very comfortable.

    I attach the commented code for possible study.

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