Just updating this section with latest release info. Mainly helpful changes to the Editor.

ALPHA Version History Change Log

08 Sep 2011 (Release 61)
*IMPROVED No longer need to use "Accept" button on Editors.
Data is auto-accepted when exiting an Editor or using next/previous/go buttons.

*CHANGED 'Accept' buttons replaced with 'View' buttons.

*UPDATED tutorial.txt

*FIXED Text caret was showing in input textbox during "presskey" or "keypress" action if called before any input made at start of game.

21 Jun 2011 (Release 60)
*IMPROVED. When re-entering the Responses, Script1, Script2 and Char. Responses Editor the text is no longer printed from the top of the list but is now restored to its viewable status as it was at the point of the last exit from these Editors. This will continue to work after testing a game and returning to the Editor. (Stants)

*IMPROVED. Current loaded database filename is now displayed in TAB Editor Dialog Window TitleBar. (Cuthbertson)

*IMPROVED. TAB download is no longer named "tabdemo.zip" but each new release filename will include current version number. This one is: "tab_v60".