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Thread: SDK no information

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    SDK no information

    Can we please have some information in the SDK section as I am wanting to know how to pass pointers and the help just doesn't help.

    or am I just wasting my time working on modules?
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    how can I reply to your "or am I just wasting my time working on modules?" question? Whatever I reply I will be fired by your next reply

    If you need some help in help material regarding SDK, at the moment I do not have any time to dedicate to it so in the short term do not expect anything.

    Instead just ask about what you precisely need and I will try my best to reply.
    Also have a look at (Power Basic version). There are some hints that maybe can help.

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    I guess you can pass VARPTR or STRPTR value for the string stuff in the meantime, catch it using thinBasic_ParseNumber and behave then accordingly to it.

    I guess it could work, if you will use DIM ... AT syntax in PB module then.

    If you will write here how you want the syntax to be I might be able to help you.
    If you need to pass numeric variables BYREF it is okay and I can show you, for STRINGs I think you will need to go the VARPTR/STRPTR way.

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