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Thread: Template for tool which processes line based text from clipboard

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    Template for tool which processes line based text from clipboard

    From time to time,

    I use this template as a base for work which modifies text in my clipboard, maybe somebody will find it useful.

    Just unzip the attachement to your thinAir/Template directory.

    Dim sInput As String = ClipBoard_GetText
    Dim sOutput As String

    Dim lines() As String
    Dim nLines As Long = Parse(sInput, lines, $CRLF)

    ' -- Auxiliary variable for enhanced line handling
    Dim oneLine As String
    Dim lineToken() As String
    Dim lineTokenCount As Long

    ' -- Auxiliary variable to log any problems
    Dim problemLog As String

    Dim i As Long

    For i = 1 To nLines
    oneLine = lines(i)
    'lineTokenCount = parse(oneLine, lineToken, " ")


    If Len(problemLog) Then
    MsgBox (0, problemLog, %MB_OK Or %MB_ICONINFORMATION, "Problems found")
    sOutput = Join$(lines, $CRLF)
    End If

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