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    test, I cannot see my first post ?

    repeat: Who can give advice or what are advantages of powerbasic for compiling than c++ ? I dont know powerbasic, but a lot of good guys are working with this language. I am looking for a tool for making cad graphs and dialogs, want to make a kind of compiler (mathematical + graphs) for it. I am looking for alternatives thank c++. anybody can give help with few and serious sentences about this topic ?

    bye, tom lebowski

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    Re: powerbasic question

    Hi Tom,

    as you were asking for an advice or something about PowerBasic, I take the advice part.

    Do you heard of BlitzMax and its MaxGui module? In BlitzMax you can code in a BASIC dialect. Its Addon MaxGui provides you with an easy to use GUI function set. The created executables run fast and you can create them for all relevant desktop platforms (Win/Mac/Linux). BlitzMax has also a nice set of graphic commands so you get a good head start there too. BlitzMAX is a general purpose language that is also used a lot for game development. Some people love its OOP features but you can also live without them. And it is very extendable via its module system. The modules can either be created with the BlitzMAx language itself or you need to install a certain C++ compiler to use C++ code. .

    There are also some communities in other languages as well.


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