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Thread: what are the counter part of "thinBasic_ReturnCodeSingle"

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    Re: what are the counter part of "thinBasic_ReturnCodeSingle"

    Quote Originally Posted by D.J.Peters
    please try this import lib and let me know wehats going on
    Thanks, here I get no linking errors, but the same result like with the import lib I created myself. As soon I add a second function to loadsymbols, the script gives a GPF.

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    Re: what are the counter part of "thinBasic_ReturnCodeSingle"

    Dooo, I hope that this is my solution. I read that Freebasic uses the GNU linker as well to talk to import libs.
    I think the FreeBasic SDK should have a recent one then too. As soon as I have access to my computer tonight,
    I will look there for the input library. An old SDK here in the forum had one. So there is hope. Once I get this working, I will start translating the current file to C.

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    Re: what are the counter part of "thinBasic_ReturnCodeSingle"

    Hallo Michael
    the last libthinBasic.dll.a i created and posted works without any problems.

    you must tell the linker not use name decorations @xx
    if you can't use this option
    here the steps how you build your own fresh *.dll.a file for MinGW

    step 1 use pexports and create an *.def file from thinCore.dll
    pexports .\thinCore.dll > .\thinCore.def

    step 2 open thinCore.def with any text editor and replace all " DATA" with "" (nothing)

    step 3 use dlltool and create libthinBasic.dll.a from thinBasic.def file
    dlltool -d .\thinCore.def -l .\libthinCore.dll.a


    (Sorry about my bad English.)

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    Re: what are the counter part of "thinBasic_ReturnCodeSingle"

    Hi Joshi,

    did all that. Maybe I am to stupid, I don't know.

    I used your lib. A thinBasic script crashes when I add a second command or if I just put one command in,
    i get an unknown keyword in thinbasic. So something is wrong on my site here. I guess I give up as this is way to complicated
    to get running. Also I had rebuild the lib just like you told me. Same results.

    Thanks for your help anyway, I appreciate that.


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