TBGL_Help incomplete
issueid=389 15-03-2013 17:09
thinBasic MVPs
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TBGL_Help incomplete

built-in types does not tell about TBGL_TVector3D
Now, after I made up my own type I discover by accident that this type seems to exist. At least it gets bold & blue when I type it into thinAir.
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22-03-2013 09:03
Super Moderator
Hi Rene,

there types are documented in TBGL help file, topic "Built-in types".


22-03-2013 12:04
thinBasic MVPs
so either there's not the latest version of tbgl-help shipped with or I am blind.
Built-In Types in my TBGL-Help shows just these:

TYPE TBGL_tEntityIdentifier
TYPE TBGL_tTexturingInfo

no TBGL_tVector3d at all.
But when it gets bold/colored in thinAir I know it's at least reserved - but not if it's already functional.
So can I use TBGL_tVector3d already or is it just planned?
Is it 3 doubles x,y,z as one might assume?

22-03-2013 20:01
Super Moderator
Hi Rene,

I read TBGL_tVector3F, I am sorry.

TBGL_tVector3D is not supported for use from ThinBASIC script, please ignore it for now.
It was meant for some collision routines, which are not implemented now.

It is always better to ask, as you did, but regarding TBGL_tVector3D for now -> it is not documented, better to not rely on it :)


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