Firefox no longer works for Forum
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thinBasic MVPs
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Firefox no longer works for Forum

Beginning approximately two weeks ago, the display of the forum pages, has, for me, been malfunctioning.

It went away temporarily when Eros installed the latest forum software update, but now it is back.

This is the only web site for which I have this problem.

I tried cleaning my Firefox cache, and everything else that Firefox keeps a record of.

I installed the latest version of Firefox last night, 3.6.13.

Now, when I go to the forum web site,, the top of it shows all text hyperlinks down the left side of the page - "Log Out", "Settings", "My Profile", "Notifications", all the way down to, "Advanced Search".

Underneath that text, in large characters, it says, "thinBasic programming language".

Beneath that, the display changes into the usual text and graphics, but, the fonts are smaller than they previously were.

At the bottom of the page, it turns back into text mode again, beginning with, "Current Active Users".

As I am typing in this text box now, its width is larger than it previously was. In fact, inside and down the right side of the typing area, overwriting what I type, it says, "Additional Options", "Project thinbasic", "Private", "Priority", "Unknown". There are also solid black circles, approximately 1/16" in diameter, at various locations on the display.

When I view a thread, the top of the page has the same text hyperlinks, as appear on the forum home page I described above.

Now, it is difficult for me to reply to a thread, because, the hyperlink, "Reply to Thread", is partially overwritten by the text, "Quick Navigation". I have to keep moving my mouse around until it finds a small area where, "Reply to Thread", activates when I click the mouse. Now, as I type this text, when it reaches the right part of the text box, I cannot read what I have typed, because, at the right bottom of the text input box, there is a dropdown menu, which reads, "Unknown", and covers my typing. The menu has priorities, from "1-Highest", to 10-Lowest".

When I preview this post, it displays in a font size approximately twice as large as the font size I used to type it with.

Now, I just thought to try accessing the web site with Internet Explorer 8, which I never use. When I do, the site displays correctly. So, apparently, the problem is only with Firefox. But, I don't understand it. Previously, the site displayed correctly using Firefox. And, I even installed the latest version of Firefox, last night, to make sure that, my copy of Firefox had not somehow become corrupted. So, my speculation is that something changed in the forum software, so that Firefox no longer displays the forum web pages correctly.


I guess it doesn't matter.

Now, I'm looking at some other browsers.



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14-02-2011 07:59
thinBasic author
Dear Dan

for forum and web site tests I always use 3 different browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox. For all I always have latest version. My preferred is actually Chrome.

I also use different computers for making tests, my home one (I have 3) and from office.

Here all seems working as expected in all browsers otherwise I would have act immediately and made a post in case I was not be able to fix the problem.

Please check your Firefox settings. The fact you see so big font maybe is related to the zoom factor (now all browser can zoom in/out any web page)

Let me know.

22-04-2011 10:03
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