TBGL window behavior
issueid=13 08-03-2010 15:42
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TBGL window behavior
It is possible to size just using right side of the window

If you have an resizeable TBGL window you can resize it if you grab
the corners or the left and right border but not the bottom border.

is it a bug or a feature ?

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08-03-2010 16:00
Super Moderator
This is kind of feature,

you might noticed the TBGL window behaves like locking the initial aspect ratio of the window.

If you do not like this behavior, you can override it using %TBGL_WS_DontKeepAspectRatio style during window creation:
hWnd = TBGL_CreateWindowEx("TBGL script - press ESC to quit", 640, 480, 32, %TBGL_WS_WINDOWED or %TBGL_WS_DONTKEEPASPECTRATIO Or %TBGL_WS_CLOSEBOX )
Then the sizing is completely "normal".

I will think about ways to make possible drag bottom size during resize with locked aspect ratio for future, thanks for bringing this to my attention again.


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