thinAir still crashes repeatedly
issueid=646 12-07-2021 19:06
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thinAir still crashes repeatedly

Since 1.11.5 or so thinAir always crashed during first script-execution when there was a script-bug or something. Now i installed Windows 11,
still the same but the OS interrupts and a messagebox tells more:

the command in 0x000000006FEA77B0 pointed memory at 0x00000000000000C0
the action "READ' was not possible to be processed in memory

0xC0 - 12 - is really a very low address - i can not imagine that this pointer is right since 6FEA77B0 - from where the command came is lightyears away and thinBasic would never allocate 1`877`637`040 bytes (1,7 GB) - maybe this is a hint.
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