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Could we have a TCP_OpenServer keyword

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02-09-2009 11:34
thinBasic author

I just find out that "TCP_OpenServer" was already implemented since (I do not remember) but never documented.

It has the following syntax:
[code=thinbasic]TCP_OpenServer(PortNumber, sHost, nFile, [nTimeOut])[/code]

I didn't test it and do not have time at the moment :oops: but if someone has some spare time to test making a sample script ....


02-09-2009 13:07
Super Moderator
Hi Eros,

I can confirm it exists here, but I think something like TCP_Accept would be needed to "accept" incomming communication.
Is there such a thing or should I make a request?


02-09-2009 13:23
thinBasic author
Right. I will do.

11-07-2021 23:02
Junior Member
I'm trying to get more information on both of these.

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