UInt64-QWord-DwordLong + Byte-Int8 + UByte-UInt8
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UInt64-QWord-DwordLong + Byte-Int8 + UByte-UInt8
implement datatype unsigned integer 64 bit

suggest to implement an unsigned integer with a size of 8 bytes as there is quad signed only - alias int64 - there is no UInt64, the registry names these QWord, winApi calls them DwordLong and logically it should complete the Int/UInt/Float-series.have Byte in mind which is not seperated to signed/unsigned yet and i guess there's no use for a float8 but int8 -Byte and uint8- UByte would be handy to determine the desired range of the byte since 0xFF can be -1 or 255. Many things have ranges from -100 to 100, many languages use -128 to 127 for a byte, many others go with 0 to 255. We can have both already but we can not predefine the behaviour yet. using a variant# (16 bytes) to replace 1 byte.
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